Check out the audio clips on the AUDIO page to listen to some original tracks, and below…for some clips from recent gigs. I hope you enjoy...


Click here for the Redland City Bulletin coverage of the MEGs Cabaret production. It was a fantastic four nights of the show, which played to sellout audiences. Stay tuned for the next production in November, which will be a theatre restaurant night. Dave and I will be centre stage putting our own brand on some jazz standards!


Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of 'The Dying Piano', an international short film collaboration created by artist, Madeleine Ekeblad. The project     was developed with the assistance of up-and-coming award-winning cinematographer, Emily Tathem, along with original music which I composed specifically for the project.  The 2017 launch date and location will be advised shortly. In the meantime, here's a small taste of my musical contribution...(click here to listen).

“The musical composition for the work chronicles the piano’s process of dying, as it shifts from moments of harmonic serenity to discord and despair. At times, the reach to resurrection seems possible, until death appears inevitable. The end arrives, with increasing dissonance, stilted and gasping, until the final solitary note.” 

(Composer's Statement)




A bit of smooth jazz from 'Dr M' - that's me and Dave Elston - when we're playing combo


Pure Piano Sunset Concert at Macleay Island

 Phoenix Sculpture Garden at Mount Glorious



The Blue Parrot, Macleay Island, 2013-2014 


House Concert - rockin' out with the boys, 2015

































"Michael's musical vision transcends the humdrum constraints of mere genre, offering up a broad palette of sound that evokes windswept landscapes, rolling seas and peaceful dreams. Above all, his compositions express something the world needs now - a sense of innner calm"

David Bentley musician and composer, music writer for Spirit magazine, Gold Walkley award-winning journalist

What's on!

  • Feb 2
    Macleay Island Progress Hall, 
  • Feb 3
    Macleay Island Progress Hall, 


Watch Elton John's fun improv' style as he shows how it's possible to "set music to almost any lyrics". And so he does - about a microwave oven!


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